Warbirds Gallery

It’s hard to imagine that aviation is still in its infancy and it’s even harder to imagine what comes next.      Today I got to take a look back at some of the grand old machines and even went for a ride in a 1920’s era biplane.   Sundays just don’t get much better than this.

1940’s AT-6D Texan


P-51 Mustangswarbirds-0034




Douglas C-47


Just Douglas


Stewie and I also bought a ride on this 1930 New Standard D-25 biplane.


I know it’s early, but that might be the highlight of the year for me.   But of all the warbirds, this one is still my favorite.

2017-04-30 10.15.10

Can’t wait for our next adventure!

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  1. Great to see y’all having great family time with the Kiddo’s love watching your updates

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