Kansas2-8181.jpgWe are a family of 4 who travel the US in our 38 ft home on wheels.  We love meeting new people and exploring new places.  If you happen upon us, please reach out and say hi!  We’d love to meet you.

Highway Mommy:  Korean born and educated in Korea & Singapore, Christine is the keeper of the estate, teaching the babies, running the Korean language blog and being an all around rockstar mommy.   Join Christine on Instagram

Highway Daddy:  American born and educated in NC & Hong Kong, Steven runs the English language blog and works as a freelance digital marketing consultant, while exploring interests in photography and journalism.  Join Steven on Instagram

Highway Baby1: Stuart (aka Stewie) is our energetic 3 year old.  He’s likely to be standing on our patio shouting “Hi!”, so don’t be afraid to shout Hi back 🙂  Stewie was born in California and spent a couple years in Singapore before returning with us to the US.

Highway Baby2: Sienna is the newest addition to our little nomadic family.  Just 10 months old, she has spent most of her life on the road, and is the perfect little travel buddy.  She has an infectious smile for anyone who says, “Hello!”.